Normal check-in time is 14.00h.

 Early check-in can be arranged on request and availability. 

For further information how to get to Saragossa please check Your Journey to Saragossa in the Visitor information menu.


Youngsters aged 14 and over are welcome at the game lodge.

Twin Thorns Guesthouse is family-friendly and we do host children above six years.  

All normal safari activities can be tailored to suit families. In the interests of safety, youngster’s participation in game activities is at the discretion of your guide. 



he local currency is the South African Rand (ZAR). The monetary system is decimal, with 100 cents to the Rand. Foreign exchange can be arranged at airports, or in larger towns and cities. ATMs are readily available throughout the country. Be vigilant when using them. It is inadvisable to carry large sums of cash. Rather keep a reasonable amount on hand, and use debit or credit cards. Traveller’s cheques are also widely accepted.

Credit Cards
Saragossa currently accepts Amex, MasterCard and Visa. We’re working on being able to accept all major credit cards.

Tipping is standard practice in South Africa, in restaurants, bars, hotels etc. The norm is 10% to 15%.

  • Parking attendants and security guards will often offer to look after your car. A tip of at least R5 should be offered, depending on the length of your stay.
  • At petrol stations an attendant will fill up your vehicle, check your oil, water and tyre pressure, and clean your windscreen. A minimum tip of R5 is appropriate for this special South African service.
  • It’s customary to tip roadside newspaper vendors. Just round off the cost of your newspaper.
  • We normally tip hotel porters R10 to R20 per service.
  • We actually tip for most services. Don’t forget taxi drivers, tour guides, hairdressers and beauticians.

You’ll soon find your way around our tipping etiquette. It’s easy, often much needed and always appreciated.


Summer lasts from October to March, with March slightly cooler. Daytime temperatures can reach highs of up to 42°C and lows of 20°C. Early mornings may be very cool.

Summer is also when most rain falls in this area, which receives about 1000 mm of rain annually. Rainfall generally comes with thunderstorms which last about an hour.

The cooler winter months of May, June and July experience daytime highs of around 26°C and night-time lows of about 1°C.

Spring and autumn are more temperate with less variance between day and night temperatures, which generally range between 12°C and 28°C.

Dietary requirements

We will gladly cater for any special dietary needs. Please advise us well ahead of your arrival.

Drinking water

Our tap water comes from a spring and is potable. Bottled water is available, if you prefer.


The electricity supply is 220/230 volts AC 50 HZ. Power point adapters are provided in each unit.
Most plugs are 15 amp 3-prong or 5 amp 2-prong, with round pins. Adapters can be purchased locally.
Appliances made in the US may need a transformer.
All our rooms have 110 volt outlets for electric shavers and appliances.

  • HIV is prevalent in South Africa. As in other countries, always take precautions and use condoms.
  • Bilharzia occurs in some east-flowing rivers. It is easily treated if diagnosed early. Always ask advice before swimming in dams or lakes.
  • Ticks are common in early spring and can transmit tick bite fever. The condition is easily treated. Even so, take precautions. Our staff can advise you.
  • Vaccination against Hepatitis A and B may be advisable in certain cases.


Malaria-free area
Saragossa is malaria-free. Neighbouring terrains and the Kruger National Park are low-risk areas; Mozambique and the northern section of Kruger Park are high-risk areas. Malaria prophylaxis might be advisable. Consult your general practitioner.


South Africa has eleven official languages; many more are spoken. English is the lingua franca throughout the country, but you’ll find a heady mix of languages spoken from all over the world. Most South Africans are multilingual but we often mix languages, so you’re likely to hear isiZulu, for example, peppered with English or Afrikaans.


You are kindly requested not to smoke indoors. All rooms and communal spaces have designated outdoor smoking areas. 

At our game Lodge we do offer a cosy and comfortable cigar lounge.

South African law prohibits smoking in public places including restaurants, cafes and shops unless special provision is made.

Safety Precautions

Take the same precautions as anywhere else in the world. Be vigilant when travelling and prepare your trip well.

  • Please use the safe and do not leave money or valuables unprotected in your room. Our Golden Rule is: Thou shalt not tempt.
  • Avoid displaying jewellery or photographic, electronic and other valuable equipment in public places.
  • Lock valuables and luggage in your car boot while travelling. Do not place handbags, cameras or other valuable items on car seats. Leave nothing at all in a parked car.
  • Never leave your luggage or other belongings unattended.
  • Limit the amount of money you carry on your person. Keep your pin numbers secure and do not accept offers of assistance at ATMs.
  • When using a credit card in restaurants, ask the waiter to bring a credit card machine to your table. Report stolen or lost cards immediately.
  • Check that your roadmap or navigation system is up to date. If you need information or directions, ask someone trustworthy and knowledgeable.
  • Only use reputable tour operators and travel and transport services. Ask your hotel to recommend a service provider.
  • When driving in rural areas watch out for wild or farm animals on the road.
  • Avoid deserted places, especially after dark.
What to bring

In summer the heat can be intense and the sun harsh. Bring sunglasses and a sunhat and always apply a high SPF sunscreen and lip balm. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTJ7AzBIJoI)
Winters can be cold. Pack a warm jacket or coat, a scarf and a beanie or similar protection for your head.

Checklist for all seasons

  • Neutral-coloured clothing
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunhat, sunscreen, after-sun balm, sunglasses and lightweight, long-sleeved clothing
  • Waterproof jacket, ideally with hood
  • Binoculars
  • Camera, extra memory card
  • Spare prescription spectacles
  • Personal medications and prescriptions

We provide insect repellent, pool towels and warm fleece wraps for game drives.