Our Philosophy

Tranquillity and natural beauty to arouse your senses and touch your soul…

The professional and personal commitments of modern life challenge each and every one of us and often wear us down. Once in a while, we need to escape from this web of obligations. We carry with us burdens of the past and fears for the future but rarely do we take time to savour the delights of the moment.

At Saragossa, you will discover the beauty of nature under African skies, its scents, its sounds, its silence.


Feel the early morning sun caress your skin as you watch the veld awaken to a new day. Giraffe and antelope emerge to amble on the plains, birds swoop and soar under an infinite sky, nocturnal predators slink to their haunts.

Marvel at the wide-open spaces from the crest of the Saragossa mountains at noon; watch hippos at play in the dams; gaze at the glistening mountain streams meandering over rocks and pebbles.


Smell the flowers of the Acacia trees in the course of a leisurely stroll or a vigorous hike. Breathe the fresh scent of rain after a dazzling afternoon thunderstorm, when lightning illuminates the russet slopes of the escarpment.

Gradually the day comes to an end. The setting sun paints a vermilion sky. One by one the sounds of night fill the air: the crackle of a wood fire, the chatter of a thousand of frogs, the hooting of owls in the trees. And above, a star-studded sky.

…time slows down, you can connect with yourself and the world around you…

We at Saragossa seek to be in harmony with ourselves, our land and our fellow human beings. We treat our environment and resources with respect. Most of our produce is cultivated organically and we aim to be self-sufficient. We protect the environment by using solar power, combating invasive alien vegetation, recycling waste and rehabilitating endangered flora and fauna.

Following our philosophy we observe a strict code of conduct in promoting fair trade and support for the local commercial enterprise. Our staff and our neighbours are valuable to us: we appreciate the pleasure and benefit of cordial working relationships with them.

Let us share with you the harmony and bliss of this magical corner of the earth.

Experience the bounty and beauty of the African veld at Saragossa.

Nature Conservancy

Saragossa is currently working on numerous projects to make our operations as sustainable as possible.

Here are a few of the projects:

  • solar energy and hot water production
  • garbage recycling
  • compost systems
  • fighting invasive alien plants
  • re-establishment of endangered species (flora and fauna)
  • organic septic tanks for sewage

At a later stage we will provide you with more detailed information here.