Fauna and Flora

Saragossa Game Reserve is located in the province of Mpumalanga. It is situated in the high Middleveld and most of it consists of rolling grassland. Mpumalanga’s escarpment and Lowveld form a transitional area between grassland and savannah biomes. Hundreds of kilometres of savannah are suddenly transformed into the densely forested ravines and waterfalls of the escarpment, only to change once again into the subtropical splendour of the Lowveld.

Saragossa Game Reserve nestles in a valley with an abundant flora and fauna. It is characterised by a rich diversity of trees and plants, ranging from the paperbark thorn tree (Acacia sieberiana) in the flatlands to the mountain cabbage tree (Cussonia paniculata) on the slopes. Fiery aloes stand sentinel on the hills.
The wildlife at Saragossa is indigenous to this area. Only a century ago, these animals still roamed freely through the valleys and flatlands.

Just a few of the species you might encounter on your visit: kudu, impala, water buck, eland, giraffe, zebra, ostriches, mountain reedbuck, blue wildebeest, blesbuck, steenbuck, duiker, blue duiker, the rare red duiker, nyala, bushbuck, hippo, caracal, black-backed jackal, civets, genets, thick-tailed bush babies, honey badgers and countless species of birds, including the Narina trogon. A list of our birds is available at the Lodge or upon request.